APP, Chatbot and AI - A contribution to the digitalization of care for pregnant women, mothers and fathers with newborns and families.


Mothers from all European countries know this: even if the pregnancy and birth go smoothly, there are often questions and the desire for information to do everything right is high. The information in the app is scientifically validated and complies with European guidelines. The app with 300 articles, 280 tips and videos on pregnancy / 150 tips - children and growth, provides useful and practical information on pregnancy (pregnancy diary), childhood and parenthood every day - from the first little belly kicks to the first step of the little feet, until the child turns 2 years old.

Netzwerk Kinderzukunft would like to use the app to support the range of support available for work in health networks.

A special feature is that the integration of regional health systems with pediatricians, clinics, midwives, family midwives and with municipalities with their offers is possible.

A chatbot with AI is about an everyday application that is already being used, not just the technology of the future.
Everything is very simple: users open the app on their smartphone speak into their smartphone their questions e.g. "My child has a fever" and in a dialogue the AI gives an information. With the app, quality information, advice and assistance are accessible to all, regardless of income level, culture, religion or country of origin.
The app is already prepared for the digital maternity passport (European digital maternity passport).


A cooperation between Netzwerk Kinderzukunft with clinics, physicians, associations and scientists from Germany and Finland. Available from September 2022 for smartphones with Android and iOS in 9 languages.

Project partner

Management für Health-INT (Coordination)

Neuvo INC Global (Helsinki)  ArboNED (Amsterdam)

Municipalities and clinics from Germany, Finland, Netherlands

Program: EU- SEP. MAIA - Maternity AI Assistant (2022-2025)

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